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The default behavior of StatLight is to attempt to stay out of the way. Assuming all the usual defaults, the browser window should remain minimized and out of the way.

Override default behavior

You can override this behavior and instruct StatLight to show the browser window by giving it the -b or --ShowTestingBrowserHost

Why would I care to override the default behavior?

  • The most practical reason is the Silverlight U.I. tests will not work correctly when the browser is minimized.
    • For example: If you ran StatLight against the Silverlight Toolkit's unit testing projects you would see many failures in the minimized mode. However, when run showing the browser window, the tests generally pass.

My test project never seems to run with the default (minimized) behavior?

The default behavior is not always true; special builds cannot work correctly in the minimized mode. The March2010 and April2010 releases of the Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing framework versions. By default those two versions will always show the browser window.

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