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NUnit support built into StatLight

Beginning with StatLight's inception there was no official build of NUnit.Framework, let alone an execution engine for Silverlight. There are several different ports (at various versions), and in the best effort to make StatLight work with most (if not all) of those versions out there. StatLight implements some of the very basic concepts of NUnit.

How does StatLight runtime execute the NUnit tests?

StatLight leverages the extensible Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing framework by creating a simple wrapper around NUnit that maps back into the Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing framework api. StatLight leans heavily on string based reflection to find NUnit attributes. This design decision was made to reduce the number of builds that StatLight would need to support (for each NUnit framework).

Has worked well so-far...

NUnit attributes StatLight supports
  • [TestFixture]
  • [Test]
  • [Setup]
  • [TearDown]
  • [TestFixtureSetUp]
  • [TestFixtureTearDown]
  • [TestCase]
    • Only supporting the following properties of the attribute
      • (params of values)
      • Result
      • TestName
      • Currently not supporting expected exception and related properties..

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