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  • I have code in my App.xaml.cs Application_Startup beyond the typical setup of the test project (ex: UnitTestSystem.CreateTestPage() ) and it doesn't appear to be executed
    • StatLight is the host "App" in the Silverlight plugin. StatLight dynamically downloads and adds your test assemblies into the appdomain. This means if you have any custom logic in you App.xaml.cs's app startup method, it will get bypassed and never executed because it's StatLight's App.xaml.cs code that's actually executed.
    • Look to place this sort of code in a test classes's setup method instead.
  • I have a C.I. server that runs, but doesn't report any tests
    • If your test project runs on the command line (dev machine) just fine; however, when run on a C.I. server it executes StatLight and reports zero tests.
    • You need to make sure the service executing StatLight runs with desktop interactivity enabled.

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