Issues running multiple xap files

Nov 3, 2011 at 10:54 PM

I have some issues with testing multiple xap files (-x args) in the same run of the tester application.

Fist, I have a request.  Currently, the test results are not integrated.  Each xap is processed separately with results reported separately.  In fact, the results of earlier tests can scroll off the screen.  I want the results to be integrated and summarized on the last line output.

The next two things are problem when I use the continuous (-c) option with multiple xap files.  

1) Only the first xap file specified is processed.  I would expect that each file is first tested and then re-tested when it changes.

2) If I press <enter> a couple of times while a test is running, the runner seems to get confused -- maybe re-queueing the tests.  The total count in the resulting test summary is usually wrong -- sometimes more than actually in the code and sometimes less.

Nov 4, 2011 at 4:55 AM

Thanks for your interest.

For the first request (combining the output). I've thought of that myself, but never got around to doing it. Could you please create a work item and describe how you think a sample output should look with multiple xap?

regarding 1). There is already a workitem related to this issue. I took a quick look a while back, and it's a bit of a complicated change. Out of the time frame I had/have currently to work on this. I would like to allocate some time in the next couple weeks to the issues/requests piling up.

regarding 2) I'll have to dig further (don't doubt it)