UnitDriven for wp7

Aug 7, 2010 at 7:15 AM
This might not be on your radar yet but I just created a new version of UnitDriven that supports Windows Phone 7. It doesn't affect the existing Silverlight versions at all but just wanted to let you know.
Aug 11, 2010 at 4:20 PM

I haven't even explored how StatLight could work with WP7... Not sure how/if it's possible or if it's even within the scope of what it should cover.

However when you do get a solid release - I can look to include it.

Do you feel like StatLight should support multiple UnitDriven versions? (Similar to the way it supports multiple MS test versions?) It's completely doable - adds more complication to StatLight's build process, but nothing it isn't already doing in other ways.


Aug 12, 2010 at 5:11 AM

I know there is an emulator that VS/Blend deploy your app to then attach to the emulator for debugging. I also know the emulator has a lot of command line switches. There *might* be a switch for doing a silent run and if so then you could probably use the same technique for phone as all the others you're doing. I'm not totally sure though.

You could try multiple versions of UnitDriven if you want, I'd probably say just go with the latest unless you have users that want otherwise. I didn't change anything in the SL/.NET versions of UnitDriven for this release just added phone support which required no code changes at all (just a different UI).