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Request: Separate run status from test failure reporting


Currently, as the tests of a xap are run the output is either a dot to indicate the test passed or a detail description of the test failure. So, for a run that has some passes and some failure, the resulting output is some dots before and after the various error description blocks.
I find output to be more useful if it separates statusing from test failure reporting. Other tools (such as junit) output a dot for each test run -- regardless of whether it fails for passes. Then after all tests have run, it reports the details of each failed test.
Some test runners also has a verbose mode where they output a line for each test run that has the fully qualified name of the test (instead of a dot). It prints the name without carriage return before starting the test. Then it prints ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ plus CR when the test completes.
Closed Nov 20, 2011 at 5:26 AM by staxmanade
This sounds quite opinion based and one in which I'm not seeing much benefit from what's already provided. I did add a summary of failures to be printed to the screen at the end of the run (a separate issue you posted that I agree with). I hope this is enough of a compromise. I don't see the benefit to hide errors during execution, or add more complexity to the command line tool just to add a "verbose" capability.Thanks