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MSTestProvider: Emit Description, Owner and Properties from a TestMethod into the XML File


If you use the MSTest Provider you can put addtional Attributes on a TestMethod which gets emitted by MSTest.exe into the results file. I need the same ability in StatLight when running UnitTests with the MSTest Provider.
    [Owner("Georg Drobny")]
    public void NullInstance()
    { }

    [Description("This test checks that the designer data is OK")]
    [Owner("Georg Drobny")]
    public void VerifyHistory()
Here's some sample output from the MSTEST.exe rsults file:
  • <UnitTest name="CreateUserRoleThrowsOnEmptyUserRole" storage="..." id="3710b1ce-1b45-bde5-96d9-2db9cfc2b4ae">
    <Description>Tests if CreateUserRole throws on empty user role.</Description>
  • <Owners>
    <Owner name="owner" />
  • <Properties>
  • <Property>
  • <Property>
  • <Property>
    <Value>[UserManagementServiceTests] CreateUserRoleThrowsOnEmptyUserRole</Value>
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staxmanade wrote May 31, 2011 at 2:27 PM

I've added support for this, but am not sure if it can be exported in the generic test summary results.

The following is an example of the StatLight results output Take a look at the metaDataItems/metaData nodes...

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