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StatLight silverlight browser crash reporting needs work.


Currently StatLight uses the default javascript error reporting when the Silverlight plugin has crashed. This displays a dialog that is very difficult to read what error has occurred. (And cannot be copy/pasted)
One possible solution to help would be to use a javascript alert(errorMessage) instead of the javascript "throw errorMsg". This way at least the Console auto/closing dialogs service could detect the dialog and grab a screen scrape of the message box and print the error to the console & error logs. We can then look to place some identifier in the error "alert" message shown (guid maybe) and on the server side - detect that guid (after screen scraped dialog). So that we can auto-close the web browser form host and end the StatLight process. This would hopefully reduce C.I. scenario hangs.
Closed Jul 3, 2010 at 5:38 AM by staxmanade
Should be fixed with commit could be better - but this is a step in the right direction - I think)