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UnitDriven - Async test does not report correctly


StatLight just has an adapter written to tell the Microsoft Silverlight Testing framework how to find and execute UnitDriven tests. This does not work for the Async UnitDriven tests as the context in UnitDriven is completely different than the async built into the MSFT SL framework.
The integration between the two is going to be a challenge.
One solution would be to define a set of "messages" that StatLight can configure UnitDriven to send. EX: TestSuccesfullyComplete, or TestException (bad names, but that's the concept)
Change UnitDriven to take an adapter to send these messages back to the StatLight server. (and also write a similar one for the MSFT testing framework)
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staxmanade wrote Apr 21, 2010 at 1:40 AM

as of commit on 2010-04-20 - [263eacc02673f98fc429c6804231414856e951a3:] UnitDriven is now a fully hosted test provider within StatLight

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