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Test Filtering Options

1. If you're using the Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing framework.

You can use the below -t option when running StatLight against your xap and your tag expression will be passed to the built in Microsoft Silverlight Testing filtering engine.
  -t, --TagFilters[=VALUE]   The tag filter expression used to filter
                               executed tests. (See Microsoft.Silverligh-
                               t.Testing filter format for how to generate
                               complicated filter expressions) Only available
                               with MSTest.

The tag filtering is based off of a subset of the Extended Backus Naur Form. If you run your test project (w/out StatLight, the U.I. that is shown by the Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing tool gives some examples of how to set expressions).

2. Specify the method(s) to run.

If your not using the Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing framework, or if you are and would prefer to use this option, you can specify the full name of a method you would like to test separated by semicolons.
StatLight.exe -x=<pathToXap.xap> --MethodsToTest="MyNamespace.SubNamespace.MyClassName.Should_test_something_method;NS1.SubNS1.Class1.TestMethod1"

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mhoyer Feb 11, 2012 at 9:22 PM 
As there is no hint or link on "See Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing filter format" I found the blog post of Jeff Wilcox helpful. It shows a sample using the TagAttribute for a test method.

My samples on this topic: