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My test requires some external configuration

EX: a port to a separately hosted web service

You can use the --QueryString="MyValue1=12345&MyValue2=7890" option to pass configuration into your silverlight tests.

When StatLight starts up an instance of a browser, the url the browser requests from the StatLight web server to load the test page is appended with your querystring options. StatLight doesn't use any of the querystring options itself, but allows you to access these parameters from within your silverlight testing xap.

One scenario this becomes useful is hosting a separate web service on a different port. You can first start up the web service instance with a build script. You can then pass the port or location to the service into the StatLight test where your test code can fish the configuration out of the QueryString.

You can look at the following as an example of how to get at the value within your silverlight tests StatLight integration test example

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