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Project Description
StatLight is a tool developed for automating the setup, execution, and gathering results of Silverlight unit tests. StatLight helps to speed up the feedback cycles while practicing TDD/BDD/(insert your test style here) during Silverlight development.

Project Status

I have not contributed to the project in quite a while and don't see a need to do so for any foreseeable future. I would encourage you (like several others have) to contribute any fixes/changes that you would like to see. I will bring in pull requests, but I just don't have the time nor the desire to continue development of StatLight. If someone takes an interest in maintaining/supporting StatLight I will consider adding you as a member to the project.

Source Control (hosted at github)
StatLight on GitHub

***Hot off the build*** DOWNLOAD the latest build

After you click on the link - you can select the guest account to login to TeamCity.CodeBetter


  • TeamCity continuous integration support
  • Works on x86 and x64 machines
  • Can generate an Xml report of tests
  • Smooth Console Runner
  • Tag/Filtering support (to narrow down the tests run at a given time)
  • Supported Testing Frameworks
    • MSTest support. Each of the following Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing builds are supported.
      • July 2009
      • October 2009
      • November 2009
      • March2010
      • April2010
      • May2010
      • June2011
    • NUnit support
    • XUnit support
    • UnitDriven support
  • Automated Debug.Assertion window closing.
  • Automated MessageBox.Show() window closing.
  • Auto detect what type of test provider the Xap is created with (NUnit, UnitDriven, MSTest, XUnit...)

How does it work?

StatLight is a console application that creates an in memory web server. It starts up a web browser that will request from the web server a page containing your test xap. By executing all the tests in the browser and communicating test results back to the web server. The console now has the ability to publish those results in manners not allowed in the Silverlight sandbox.

3rd Party Extensions

Note: third party extensions are leveraging StatLight and are subject to their own project release cycles.

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